I live and breath SEO. There is nothing more exhilarating to me, than seeing that my sites have gone up a few more positions in the rankings.


I religiously follow up on the latest updates in the industry and make sure I implement anything that could help rankings.


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We have gone from stone age to bronze age to iron age and are now in the silicon age. Our most important and everyday tools are the computer chips that are made with silicon.


With Silicon Age Media I have launched a few gaming affiliate websites. Right now www.casinobonusradar.com is the only one that is still active, but I used to have www.sports-bookies.com for sports betting and www.cycling-bookies.com for betting on cycling. These sites have long since been abandoned to focus more on the casino product since that was converting better.


Right now I’m starting to work as SEO consultant for local companies in Malta. There is so much to do here since most of Maltese business do little more than launch a Facebook page. Local SEO could bring incredible amounts of customers to businesses here.

Silicon Age Media

I work for Kindred (formerly Unibet Group) and manage several of the brands for them. Unibet Benelux, GAS region and Denmark all fall under my responsibility. For Maria Casino and Bingo.com I do SEO for all markets; UK, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.


I manage my own team of SEO Executives that do the day to day work of content creation, link building and site management while I take care of strategy, budgeting/forecasting and reporting to country managers and heads of digital marketing.

Unibet / Kindred

E-2 Communications is a small SEO/Marketing agency that I used to work for. Their focus is mainly on the GAS region, but I was working as a Benelux region manager. We advised gaming companies on SEO strategies and made sure they were implemented through our freelancers.